Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Polka Dots, Primary Colors, and Animals... Oh My!

I honestly think each time I make a baby blanket, it becomes my new favorite. My husband even adored this one. =) There's just something about the little furry lion mane that makes you want to rub it. The picture was a little blurry (didn't realize it until I shipped it), but these prints are just too cute together.

I hope little Adrian adores it! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Office Makeover and Baby Boy Blanket

LOVE it!
Did you just hear a gleeful squeal all the way over at your house? If so, it was totally me! My sewing and crafting projects were quickly overtaking our house. It was such a pain to get all of my supplies in and out of the closet (and sometimes the garage). After I pulled everything out, it would take up residence on the kitchen table. If I ran out of time to finish, I'd debate leaving everything out (ugh, the mess!) or taking the time to put it away only to pull it out again a few days later. I felt like I was wasting craft time on my organizational nightmare. So... my husband and I decided it was time for an office overhaul. 

As with many other projects, this one wasn't quite as easy as it seemed. Discontinued patterns, too small cubbies, and a cracked bookshelf all tried to stand in our way. I'd hate to add up the time and gas money it took to finally get everything we needed for this little project. BUT, we did it! 

I love the bright colors and how they go with our beach-themed office. Plus it's the perfect size for that little nook. I mean, who needs to open a door all the way? Not this girl! =) I'd love to show you the rest of the office, but we still need to wrangle it into submission over Christmas break.

Speaking of Christmas, look at this sweet little cuddle blanket. Adore! I was happy to whip it up and just know the new mommy will love it. I can picture little baby Dallas cuddling with it already.  

It has the super soft minky on the back and those raggy edges that I love so much. I made this one about 18 inches to accommodate the longer name and cute little applique giraffe, but it's still a great carseat size.

Aside from finishing the office, I have one more blanket to wrap up this weekend in time for Christmas, and I just sent off my last pencil banner yesterday. It's been a fun first season of taking your orders!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Teacher Gifts!

Banners, banner, and more banners are filling my office/sewing room. I can't share the ones that are presents, but this is the one from my giveaway so no surprises are being ruined here. =)

Karyn won the giveaway and chose to have her banner made for her future last name (she's getting married next year!). She wanted pink and green letters and uses lots of dots on chocolate in her room so I went with the brown polka dot ribbon to hang it. Cute, cute, cute!
As pictured, $70 value

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

I've found the downside to my sewing blog this time of the year is that I can't share too many of my projects because they're being ordered as gifts. The last thing I want is someone to stumble upon their item on Pinterest before Christmas. But, I've been busy fulfilling orders for baby blankets and pencil bunting. I feel like a little elf! I enjoy the variety though. It's also given me an excuse to buy to new embroidery patterns and fabric though. I had a camouflage request so you know I had to make a trip to the fabric store for that one. =)

I did take a few minutes (or 20, haha) to make this cute little bib for my nephew though. I used several different textured fabrics to give it a 3D look. Not gonna lie... I love it!! I can already picture little man wearing it.

I also stitched out a quick jingle bell tshirt for the holidays at school. I still need to toss it in the wash after having it in the hoop and stabilizer, but here's the pattern. I like the pink with the traditional red and green.

Okay, back to Santa's workshop for me. Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

More Bunting!

I am loving the pencil banner, and by the number of my giveaway entries, you must be too! I just had to share this version of my banner. I made it for one of my teacher friends for her birthday tomorrow. I used a chunkier font than mine and black/zebra/blue polka dots to match her classroom.
As pictured, $50 value

I've also received several orders for these banners for those who didn't want to wait for my giveaway (or just have terrible luck like me, lol!). If you want them in time for Christmas, be sure to order soon. I anticipate filling up quickly at the rate we're going.  Each letter takes me about 33 minutes, so the time really adds up.

I have several more sets of bunting to post just as soon as I can get them stitched and styled. They're baby/kid themed instead of pencils, but every bit as cute. 

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Personalized Pencil Bunting

Bunting is so "in" right now and when I saw this pencil banner, I couldn't resist! I made an emergency trip to the nearest fabric store to pick out bright colors that would match the makeover I gave our classroom this summer. Several hours later, this beauty came together.
It's going to look even better at school than on our bathroom door here at the house. =) Are you ready for the totally cute part? I made a matching keyfob.

I also made a few varities in our school colors with our school name or mascot on them. Functional school spirit, love that!
Each letter takes about 30 minutes so these are definitely a labor of love, but I'm so happy with the results! In fact, I'm so happy I'm giving one away through my other blog, Ms. Fultz's Corner. You can enter here to win. They're $7 for the first five letters and $5 each after that so you have the potential to score a great prize. =) Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wild Little Diva

This cuddle blanket is perfect for new little divas. =) It required a trip to the fabric store to find the perfect pieces, but I love the way it turned out! 

In many of my pieces, I mix cotton with flannel to get the right prints . Zoey's is all flannel though, so it's super soft. It's already starting to "rag up" nicely after the first wash too.

This one is also backed with super soft dot minky. I'm working on a few with smooth/brushed minky too. As always, the stroller ribbons make attaching the cuddle blanket to a stroller or car seat a snap. They're also great for adding toys.

I'm working on a few brand new designs and hope to have those ready by the end of the week. They're so fun! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alphabet Giraffe Girl Cuddle Blanket

Emily's cute little cuddle blanket is the third one I've made for the same family. After gifting them one, they asked for two more to gift themselves because they make such cute shower gifts. New mommies just love seeing their little one's name. =)

I tried something new with this one by appliqueing a matching giraffe next to her name. It also has pink dot minky backing so it's super soft and oh so sweet.
prewashed to start the "cuddle" effect: $35

I'd love to create a personalized cuddle blanket for you!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to Little Apple Cuties!

Those of you who already know me know that I love all things cute and creative. I've enjoyed crafting around the house for the holidays, designing blogs, and making accessories for our pups for quite a while. Then I became a first-time aunt this summer and it opened a whole new door of creativity. I started furiously sewing baby blankets, toys, and accessories. It was so addicting! Fortunately I also found myself in the middle of a baby boom with my friends and coworkers so I had plenty of places to share my new creations. There is no feeling like watching a new mom open an item that has been lovingly made just for her child.

As more and more new parents, family members, and friends started to request custom items, I realized it was time to start sharing my creations on a larger scale. That's how Little Apple Cuties was born. Each item is unique, personal, and handmade with lots of love. 

What can I sew for you?

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