Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to Little Apple Cuties!

Those of you who already know me know that I love all things cute and creative. I've enjoyed crafting around the house for the holidays, designing blogs, and making accessories for our pups for quite a while. Then I became a first-time aunt this summer and it opened a whole new door of creativity. I started furiously sewing baby blankets, toys, and accessories. It was so addicting! Fortunately I also found myself in the middle of a baby boom with my friends and coworkers so I had plenty of places to share my new creations. There is no feeling like watching a new mom open an item that has been lovingly made just for her child.

As more and more new parents, family members, and friends started to request custom items, I realized it was time to start sharing my creations on a larger scale. That's how Little Apple Cuties was born. Each item is unique, personal, and handmade with lots of love. 

What can I sew for you?

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